Class Descriptions: 2-Day Class

For children 2 years of age by September 1
Tuesdays and Thursdays  9:00-11:30 am

The 2-Day Program is meant to be the young child’s first independent experience at nursery school. The goals of the program are that each child learns that school is a safe, positive place and that learning is fun. We work on helping each child become independent from mom or dad, and we do this in such a way that is comfortable for both the parent and child. The philosophy is that each child will separate from the parent once he/she feels safe and has developed a connection with the teacher and/or other parents in the class. We work with each individual family to accomplish this goal.

We provide many sensory and discovery opportunities that are age appropriate to the development of the 2 year-old. It is all about the process, not the product. All activities are hands-on and exploratory, which support the cognitive development of young children.

During circle times, the focus is on interacting with stories, music and movement. We also learn rhymes and engage in “finger plays.” For some, it is their first time sitting in a circle and listening to others, so appropriate activities are planned to introduce the children to this skill.

Most importantly, the 2-Day Class is about social and emotional development. Becoming independent, building relationships with adults other than mom or dad, making choices, beginning relationships with other children and creating a foundation for a child’s attitude about school are all valuable learning experiences for the 2 year-old.

A Day in The Life of a 2 Day Family

In our 2 day class, with a standard class size of 24 children, we generally have approximately 8 working parents each day. Parents are expected to work one day per week. Once assigned a workday in the beginning of the year, parents will work on the same day each week, with the ability to swap with other families to cover sick days, vacation, etc.

There are approximately 7 stations around the classroom, each focused on different educational areas. Working parents will be provided a schedule in which they will rotate to different work stations each week. 

When you arrive on your assigned work-day, you will grab a work-card with detailed written instructions for your workstation including setup, activity time, cleanup, and other details. While in the classroom, you will focus at your workstation on working with all of the children that decide to experience the activity that has been designed by the classroom teacher. This is your chance to enable the kids to explore, get messy, and learn in an environment that encourages experiential education. While you remain at your workstation, your child(ren) will make their own choices on which stations to visit and which activities to engage in. Depending on their interests, some days you may see your child a lot, and other days you might not see them at all!

Working at a co-op means you are ready to engage with children and contribute to the school. Our school’s only paid employees are the teachers and a bookkeeper, which means that everything you see and love about our school, from it’s cleanliness, to it’s beautiful gardens and well-organized indoor facilities, are done by the families at our school. When you join our school, you join our community of families, dedicated to creating an outstanding preschool environment for our children.


Sample 2-Day Class Schedule

8:45AM Working and on-call parents should arrive and prepare for the day’s activities. The teacher will provide activities and supplies at each station and instructions to the working parents on what they will be doing with the children.
9:00AM Remaining families arrive, ready to start the day.
9:10AM Morning Time. This is when we welcome the day with a hello song and introduce the day’s activities.
9:25AM Exploration and Activity Time. Parents will work at their assigned stations while the children explore freely inside and outside, choosing for themselves which stations and activities they want to experience. (Outside play is subject to weather conditions and/or health precautions.)
10:35AM Clean up Time. Children will work with the parents to help put away toys, and parents, according to their work-cards, will work to clean and sanitize the necessary areas.
10:45AM Circle Time #1 Children will be broken into two groups, and while one group goes inside to experience circle time, the other group will enjoy free-play outside. Parents will be assigned either as outside monitors, or to help with circle time, according to their work-cards.
11:10AM Circle Time #2
11:30AM Goodbye Time. Working parents complete their job card tasks, and everyone meets in the Block Room to say farewell until the next class!
11:35AM This is a time for the working parents to meet with the teacher for 15 minutes to discuss the successes and challenges of the day.  During the conference time, children of working parents gather outside with a couple of parents to supervise while they eat lunches that they brought for themselves.
11:50AM Everyone goes home.