65 Years

San Jose Parents Participating Nursery School was founded in 1951 by a group of dedicated moms and dads. We are a cooperative nursery school, administered and maintained by parents. Each class is directed by a credentialed teacher/director, experienced in early childhood education and development. Required parent participation ensures a high adult to child ratio, as well as low monthly tuitions.

Fostering Individualism

At SJPPNS, we believe in the individuality of children. Play is the work of young children and, through a play-based curriculum, parents and teachers facilitate their social, cognitive and physical growth in a safe, trusting environment.

Life-long Learning

Building each child’s self esteem and autonomy is central to our philosophy and is basic to a child’s social and academic success. Our teachers and parents, through gentle persuasion and encouragement, introduce children to new experiences for them to explore, problem solve and discover. SJPPNS prepares children to embark on their life-long journey of learning.


SJPPNS is an interracial, non sectarian, non-profit organization concerned with the welfare of preschool children.
We are affiliated with local and state councils of Parent Nursery Schools and San Jose Education