For Families Considering SJPPNS

Q. How do we know if SJPPNS is the right kind of school for us?

We hope you'll start by visiting our school with your child. We welcome visitors during school hours - you and your child may participate in the class during your visit. This is the best way to get a feel for the way the classes are structured, the types of activities that go on during a typical day, and hopefully, chat a bit with the Director and other parents.  To schedule a tour, please contact us.

Q. How do I enroll my child in SJPPNS?

Pick up an application during school hours, or download one from our website. Return it, with your application fee, to the Membership Chairperson's mailbox at the school or mail to SJPPNS
Attn:Membership, 2180 Radio Avenue San Jose, CA 95125 

Applications for the current year are accepted and subject to a wait list depending on class availability.

Applications for the following school year are accepted from the general public (new families) from February 1st through 28th.
All applications received during this time period are weighted equally. If we have more applications than spaces available in class, a lottery is held to fill those spaces and a waiting list is established. Applications received after March 1st will be equally weighted on a daily basis. The Membership chairperson will contact you regarding your status. 

Q. What are the age requirements and class times?

  • 1-Day class: Children are required to be 16 months of age by September 1st. The 1-Day class is Wednesday from 2:00-4:00PM.

  • 2-Day class: Children are required to be 2 years by September 1st. The 2-Day class is Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-11:30AM.

  • 3-Day class: Children are required to be 3 years of age by September 1st. The 3-Day class is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-11:30AM.

  • 4-Day class: Children are required to be 4 years of age by September 1st. The 4-Day class is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:30-3:30PM.

Q. Can I register my child in a class for which he/she just misses the required age?

No. Your child must be age-eligible for the session(s) you’re applying for. If your child has special needs, you may schedule an appointment with a Director to discuss this. 

Q. What are the class sizes and the adult/child ratios in each?

In addition to the credentialed Teacher/Director, we have 24 children in each class. In 1-Day, each child attends with a parent. In 2-Day and 3-Day, we have 8 parents per day. In 4-Day, we have 6 parents per day.

Q. Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend SJPPNS?


Q. Exactly what kind of time commitment is required from each family?

In all Classes, a parent must:

  • Attend mandatory Orientation workshop(s) prior to school starting.

  • Attend 2 General Meetings (held on on a Tuesday evening in August and April). No children except nursing babies are allowed.

  • Attend monthly session meetings (held on Wednesday evenings in October and January for the 1 Day Class and September, October, January, March and May for the 2, 3 & 4 Day Classes).

  • Work a 3 hour shift at one of the fundraisers.

  • Hold a committee job that allows the school to run smoothly (such as cleaning the school, mixing paints, fundraising, etc…).

  • 1 day families must attend one (1) Saturday 4-hour Maintenance workday. 2, 3 & 4 Day families must attend two (2) Saturday 4-hour Maintenance workdays.

  • [Members holding an Executive Board position are exempt from Maintenance Workdays]

In addition to the above requirements, a 2-Day, 3-Day, or 4-Day parent must:

  • Work one assigned day each week in their child's class. This includes 15 minutes (prep time) before and 30 minutes (discussion time) after class.

  • Be available for the on-call days you are assigned or sign up for.

    • 2-Day: built into the schedule

    • 3-Day: four (4) on-call days

    • 4-Day: six (6) on-call days

Q. What is the tuition?

Please refer to our Tuition & Parent Involvement page for a complete table of all fees & tuition.

Q. What are the costs other than tuition?

There is a $52 application fee for all new students and a $32 application fee for returning students. In addition, at the start of the school year, there are one-time fees as follows:

  • Insurance Fee: $40 + $15 Fees and Dues

  • Supply fee: $135 for 1-Day, $185 for 2-Day, $200 for 3-Day and $220 for 4-Day*

  • *4 Day also has a one-time $130 fee for Gymnastics paid to California Sports Center

    *All fees (including application fee) are subject to change and are non-refundable

For more information on fees, please visit our Tuition & Parent Involvement page.

Q. Are TB tests required?

Participating parents are required to have negative TB tests (or clear chest X-ray) within 1 year prior to entrance in the school and every 4 years thereafter. Children are to be screened by their doctor who may or may not deem a TB test necessary annually. If the pediatrician decides a TB test is necessary, the test results are valid for 4 years. 

Q. What are the Membership obligations for families with two (2) or more children enrolled?

  • Fundraising and maintenance workday obligations are per family.

  • Families with two (2) children enrolled in 1-Day will hold only one committee job.

  • Families with multiple (2) children in the same 2-Day, or 3-Day sessions will have the option of:

    • Working one day per child per week, holding one committee job and paying full tuition;

    • Working one day per child per week, holding two committee jobs or an Executive Board position, and paying half of the lower tuition, plus the full amount of the higher tuition (s); or

    • Working one day per week, holding two committee jobs or an Executive Board position, and paying full tuition.

  • Families with multiple children in different 2-Day, 3-Day, or 4-Day sessions will work all sessions. These families will have the option of:

    • Holding one committee job and paying full tuition for all sessions; or

    • Holding two committee jobs or an Executive Board position and paying half of the lower tuition, plus the full amount of the higher tuition(s).

  • Attendance at night meetings is required for each session in which a family is enrolled.

Q. What is the SJPPNS fundraising philosophy?

Fundraising helps San Jose Parents Participating Nursery School keep tuition low and fund school improvements, curriculum, field trips, scholarships, and more. Our approach is to offer SJPPNS members a wide range of fun, family-oriented fundraising activities that support the community spirit that is so much a part of the school philosophy. The school hopes that members will attend the fundraising events of their choice because they are fun and support the school. The only mandatory requirement is that each family support the fundraising activities by working a single 3-hour work shift at one of the fundraising events.

Q. How are fundraising monies used to benefit the school?

Fundraising activities are important to the school because they fund many special projects; however, fundraising money is not required to operate the school (that is, paying for director salaries, utilities, and supplies).

Instead, fundraising revenue is used for projects such as the new sand pond that was built toward the end of 2006-07, the new curriculum shed that was built in the summer of 2007, and the new roof over the science deck that was built in the spring of 2008. Since fundraising supports improvements and special projects, the school is able to keep tuition low and yet still implement important projects that affect the safety and security of our children, as well as enhance their educational experience.

Q. What is the fundraising shift I keep hearing about?

Every SJPPNS member family is required to support the school’s fundraising activities by working a 3-hour shift at one of the fundraising events. This is a mandatory requirement. The school provides a number of opportunities throughout the year so families can choose an event that fits with their schedule and interests.

Q. What if you have two children enrolled at SJPPNS… are you required to do two fundraising shifts?

No. The fundraising shift requirement is per family. If you have two children enrolled a the school, your family is only required to work one shift.

Q. Can I “buy out” of my fundraising shift or facility work day obligations?

No, you cannot buy out of your fundraising shift or facility work day. The fundraising shifts are essential to making sure we have the staff to deliver fun events like the pancake breakfast, carnival and more. The facility work day ensures that we keep the school in good working order, and we need to have