Fees and Requirements


2018-2019 Fees and Tuition*

Application Fee
Fees and Dues** Annual Tuition* Total
(Not Including Application Fee)
All Mandatory Fundraising Fee (includes 2 tickets to the Art Auction) Non-Refundable: $100 Per Family
1 Day $135 10 monthly installments of $80 = $800 $935
2 Day $52 per new child
$32 per returning child
$185 10 monthly installments of $170 = $1,700 $1,885
3 Day $200 10 monthly installments of $215 = $2,150 $2,350
4 Day $220 + $130 for gymnastics** 10 monthly installments of $260 = $2,600 $2,950

Annual Discount: 5% discount is given if annual tuition is paid in full by Sept. 30, 2018.
Installments: Tuition can be paid in 10 installments from August to May and is due on the 1st of the month.  1, 2 & 3 Day Class August tuition is paid in April when registration paperwork is turned in.  This tuition installment is non-refundable and used to hold your child's spot in the class. 4 Day Class: The first and last month's tuition are due in April when registration paperwork is turned in. 

*Tuition is subject to change. Members vote on changes to tuition, typically in the April General Meeting. 
**Fees are subject to change. Includes, NAEYC/SCVC dues, supply fee, insurance dues for all classes, and gymnastics fees for 4-Day. The gymnastics fee is payable to California Sports Center(CSC) and fee may change over the summer as per CSC.

Please Note: $10 late fee is applied to tuition paid after due date.


Participation Requirements

In the Classroom

  • 1-Day: Attend class with your child.
  • 2-Day: Work one (1) assigned day each week in your child's class. This includes 15 minutes before (prep time) and 30 minutes after class.
  • 3-Day, 4-Day:
    • Work one (1) assigned day each week in your child's class. This includes 15 minutes before (prep time) and 30 minutes after class.
    • Be available for approximately 6 on-call days during the course of the year. These will be on different days of the week from your normal classroom work-day.

Committee Job

Everything at our school is done by our member families from laundry, to event planning, to curriculum, to administrative duties and much more. We assign these as "committee jobs" and every family is required to work one (1) committee job per child attending the school.  Families with two (2) children enrolled in 1-Day will hold only one committee job. 


All families must attend a few mandatory meetings each year.  The meetings requirements are as follows.

  • Orientation Workshop: These class-specific workshops are held in late summer before school begins and will be your intro to working in the classroom.
  • General Meetings: These meetings for the entire school are generally held at the beginning of the school year and in April to conduct school business.
  • Session Meetings: These fun and informative parent eduction meetings are held as follows:
    • 1 Day Class: One Wednesday evening per month in October and January
    • 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day: One Tuesday per month in September, October, January, March, and May

Volunteer Shifts

Every family must work one (1) 3-hour volunteer shift, typically during the weekend.  Volunteer shifts typically occur in Fall and Spring. An online sign-up is done at the beginning of the school year so that you can choose your shift.  Read more about our fun family-oriented fundraising events.

Fundraising Fee

Each family is required to pay a $100 fundraising fee, which includes 2 tickets to the school's Annual Auction, held in March.

Facility Maintenance Workdays

During the year, our school needs maintenance. Since we are a co-op, our member families do the school maintenance. This means that you will be required to work a 4-hour maintenance shift in which you will help clean, beautify, and improve our school. Requirements are as follows:

  • 1 Day: One (1) 4-Hour Saturday workday per year, per family.
  • 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day: Two (2) 4-Hour Saturday workdays per year, per family.